Clearing the Pipes: The Advantages of CCTV Drain Inspections

Nothing is as annoying as a blocked or smelly drain in your home or office. It can have several health implications, in addition to the smell and inconvenience. A CCTV drain inspection can help you maintain your plumbing system and prevent the occurrence of a blocked drain.

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What are CCTV drain inspections, and what are the advantages of doing these inspections? This article explains the benefits of a CCTV drain inspection, how the inspections work, and why you should get CCTV drain inspection services for your building.

What Are CCTV Drain Inspections?

CCTV drain inspections involve a detailed inspection of your sewer pipes and drains using a high-tech waterproof camera. The camera is operated remotely and can reach places that are normally hard to reach. 

The high-end CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras used in these inspections can show any deterioration or defects in your plumbing system.

CCTV camera drain inspections allow our trained professionals to understand the entire structural integrity of your drainage system. Our CCTV drain plumbers can find potential problems, such as breaks, collapses, or blockages before they happen.

Are you wondering how CCTV drain inspections work when the drain plumbers come to your building? A flexible rod with the CCTV drain camera is passed down the sewer pipe or drain. 

The camera sends the live footage of your drain to the operator who accesses the damages or blockages. The plumber will also let you know if additional work is needed on the drainage system.

5 Benefits of CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

CCTV drain cameras show high-resolution images of the structural state of your sewer pipes and drains. The technology enables experts to see any imperfections in your drainage. In the case of a blockage, you can also find the objects responsible for the blocked drains. 

Besides the fact that a CCTV drain camera inspection sounds incredibly cool, here are some advantages of using CCTV cameras for your next drain inspection.

1. Identify Potential Problems Early

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A CCTV camera inspection of your drainpipes should be a routine maintenance practice. People often don’t pay attention to their sewer drains until there is a blockage or backup. At this point, it would cost more to repair damaged pipes, and it would also inconvenience the building occupants. 

However, regular CCTV pipe inspection can help identify potential problems in the sewer and stormwater drains early. These problem areas can be repaired and restored before they lead to any severe damage.

2. Find Lost Objects

Almost everyone has made the mistake of flushing down a valuable object at least once in their lifetime. Usually, you would think that is the end of that object, as manually scouring through your sewer pipes is practically impossible, especially if they run underground. 

However, with a CCTV drain camera pipe inspection, you can locate lost objects like jewellery and other valuables in your drains. Once they are located, it is easier for a professional plumber to find a way to get them out of the drainage system.

3. Save Time and Money

Your stormwater drains carry the excess water from rainfall and storms. These drains are subject to a lot of wear and tear over time due to the force of storms and rains. 

The wear and tear can eventually affect the effectiveness of the drain if it is not managed correctly. CCTV drain camera inspections find potential problem areas before the damage becomes severe. 

This early detection saves you time and money in the long run. You wouldn’t have to spend as much as a full-blown damage would, and the occupants of the building might not have to vacate due to health hazards.

4. Check Drain Installation

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All your sewer pipes and stormwater drains must be installed correctly in a new building project. With large projects, it is essential to get the plumbing correctly, as a lot of money is at stake if anything goes wrong. 

While you might not have been able to check your pipes as you install them, a CCTV drain inspection can help you confirm that your drain pipes are correctly installed. If you properly verify your drain installation, you can avoid several issues in the future. A CCTV drain camera inspection ensures you don’t have to worry about your new drains for long.

5. Non-invasive and Environmentally Friendly Inspection

A CCTV drain camera inspection is the most noninvasive, environmentally friendly way to check drainage pipes. With CCTV drain cameras, no part of your property has to be dug up. Only the damaged areas are excavated when you get your drain pipes inspected. 

With CCTV drain inspection units, all your gardening efforts don’t have to be disturbed, and you save on costly repairs by excavating only the necessary parts. You can take part in keeping the environment safe.

Get a CCTV Drain Inspection for Your Drainpipes and Stormwater Drains

Have you noticed that your pipes are emitting a foul odour? Are there any odd noises coming from your drains and pipe network? Have you noticed slow or stagnant water in your apartment? These are common signs of blocked drains or structural issues with your pipes.

Usually, CCTV pipe inspection cameras are used during the excavation of a blockage. However, you can also use CCTV cameras to prevent a blockage. If you have noticed any signs of an issue with your drainage system, you can contact us at Ozzy Pumbing . You don’t have to wait until you notice something wrong with your pipes to book a CCTV drain inspection.

With our CCTV drain inspection cameras, you can save a lot of time, money, and stress in the maintenance of your building. Our professionals can help you prevent a hazardous situation by using our high-tech CCTV pipe inspection cameras to check your drains and pipes. You can book a regular drain inspection and blocked drain clearing service with us.

At Projection Plumbing, our professionals provide a full range of drainage system maintenance and repair services. Our plumbing technologies help our professionals clear blocked drains easier and faster. 

We can clean any debris or blockage in your home, inspect pipes and recommend the next course of action, repair your drains, and replace damaged pipes when necessary. Our plumbers are punctual and maintain professionalism throughout the service.

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